Evans Brewing Co. label concepts, design and art direction.

©Danno The Manno, Inc.

©Danno The Manno, Inc.


“Our bottle sales have been a real bright spot since we introduced our new labels.  We went from almost zero bottle sales to over 24% of our sales in bottles.”

Mike Rapport, CEO of Evans Brewing Co.
http://www.prnewswire.com - July 26, 2017

Creative, conceptual, custom tap handle design.

Creative, conceptual, custom tap handle design.



Creative Director / Designer:
Matt Ebbing
   • Label concepts
   • Label design & art direction
   • Website design on Squarespace platform
   • Tap handles creative direction (not shown)

Martin H.

Design support and sketch work:
Jud Lively, Jarred Weinstein

Creative Director: 
Dan Bowman

The Brandit,
©Danno The Manno, Inc.